Vigilant asset servicing that enhances return and safety


Special situations investing requires special servicing capabilities.

Quaestor Advisors provides risk-reducing and return-enhancing asset servicing including upfront diligence support, surveillance, and operational, finance, and workout capabilities.

We are experts in the servicing of a wide array of asset types in privately-negotiated investments.

Our expertise spans corporate, real estate, commercial & industrial, consumer assets, and others.

Ours is a team of accomplished professionals, seasoned through many economic cycles, bringing decades of experience.




across N. America, Europe, and Asia dedicated to special-situations asset servicing globally









in capital investment overseen


Affiliated Servicer


As the affiliated servicer for the global investment manager Arena Investors, LP, Quaestor Advisors has serviced hundreds of complex transactions totaling billions of dollars of capital.


Capabilities and Processes


Our capabilities and processes are purpose‐built to service unique investments efficiently. In addition to offering loan operations and accounting services, our mandate is to stay ahead of potential problems, preserve value, and add value through surveillance, relationship management, strategic management of assets, and productive workouts when needed.


Expertise and Diligence


With the same level of expertise and diligence, Quaestor Advisors also manages third‐party assets for GPs with unusual or complex investments, especially those that may benefit from high touch and/or difficult workouts.